Who said pHriends don't workout???

pHriends Empowerment promotes healthy communication, supportive friendships, and balanced lifestyles. One of the 7 areas that are essential to establishing and maintaining a balanced lifestyle is health. pHriends had the opportunity of partnering with fitness trainer, James Towns, owner and creator of JetLifeFitness. James is located in Chicago, IL and works with people of all ages and skill levels. JetLifeFitness motivates people to improve their physical fitness through training techniques and skills. James assesses physical ability and then develops a program that best targets the client’s needs. Adjustments are made to the plan to meet the client’s needs and goals.

JetLife Fitness provides both in-person training as well as virtual sessions. So it doesn’t matter if you do not live in the Chicago area, you can still utilize these services. During these sessions, clients are observed closely in order to remain safe and free of any injury. James teaches clients by following good form and safe practices.

Not only does James provide fitness training but also suggest ways to further improve and maintain good health by educating clients on nutrition, lifestyle, and weight control. YES! That’s right, he offers a variety of healthy meal plans including vegan and vegetarian options!

James has the stamina, the strength, and flexibility to bend, twist, reach or stretch with his clients! He’s willing to get sweaty with his clients!

pHriend Testimonial: "I have been working with JetLife fitness for 3 months. Following his meal plan and weekly sessions, I was able to see results in 4 weeks! I just love the personal touch he adds by calling and texting to keep me on track. I could not wait to share him with my pHriends"!

Click on the link below to check out our full-body, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session with JetLife Fitness!


HIIT at-home workout with pHriends featuring JetLifeFitness (approximately 30min)


• Arm Circles

• Forward 30 sec

• Backward 30 sec

• Arm Swings 30 sec

• Knee Hugs 30 sec

• Body Weight Squats

Inchworms 20 sec

• Hip Rotation 30 sec

HIIT: 30s Work:30s Rest

Round 1

• Jumping Jacks

• Body Weight Squats/Squat Jumps

• High Knees

• Planks

Repeat x 3

Round 2

• Mountain Climbers

• Bicycles

• Reverse Lunges/Lunge Jumps

• Push-up

Repeat x 3

Cool Down/Stretch

• Hamstrings - Toe Touch

• Hamstring/Lower back - Reach and Pull

• Back - Scorpion

For More Information

Follow JetLifeFitness on IG: https://instagram.com/jetlifefitness7?igshid=10h6wkaipu4l9

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