The 2nd Annual “7 Days of Thanks” Challenge

There is so much to be thankful for. It's easy to get consumed with daily routines and forget to acknowledge the small things. We tend to take for granted things like having a safe place to sleep or a smooth morning commute. Well, here's your chance to show a little gratitude AND enter to win one of our amazing prizes.

pHriends excited to announce The 2nd Annual “ 7 days of Thanksgiving” Challenge.

Each day starting 11/23/19 we will drop challenge details.

This year's challenges include:

Day 1: Engage in a moment of thankfulness. Snap and share a picture of..(laughter, friendship, beauty.

Day 2: Share 2 goals that you have accomplished this year that you set to achieve last year.

Day 3: *Lets reflect* Grab your favorite journal & pen--How is your life more positive today than it was a year ago? Write it down.

Day 4: Snap a photo of something in this moment that you are thankful for.

Day 5: Tag 5 people you are thankful for and encourage them to do the same.

Day 6: List 10 ways you can share your gratitude with other people in the next 24 hours.

Day 7: Be Thankful for who you are. List 3 qualities that you love most about yourself.

Here’s how to enter:

1️⃣Make sure you are subscribed to

2️⃣Like and share as many posts as you can handle!


THREE pHriends will receive a “Thank you for being a pHriend” gift from us!🛍🎁

The Challenge will begin Sat. 11/23 and will end Fri. 11/29!

Winners will be Announced 12/1 via live Facebook and featured on our blog site.

You do not want to miss out on this challenge!

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