All we wanted for Christmas

Deciding what to wear for holiday's can be difficult, especially if you're only going to the living room. Some might say "oh forget it!" and keep it comfy. And others might feel like getting dressed to the nines.

Wright Family, Christmas 2019

Every Christmas Eve my family wears our cozy holiday pajamas. Then we get dressed up for Christmas morning service and dinner.  This year we decided to rep our HBCU's and Alma Maters.

Wright Family, Christmas 2019

Regardless of what you wear to your living room, the most important thing is to enjoy family. There's something special about seeing your children and loved ones faces light opening gifts and sharing holiday cheer. 

Take a look at some of phriends family photos for the holidays! 

King Family, Christmas 2019

Claiborne Family, Christmas

Claiborne Family Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday's from pHriends!

Vernetta Wright

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